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restructuring heads of terms


A scheme of arrangement in respect of Metinvest B.V. (the “Issuer”) was sanctioned by the High Court of England and Wales on 29 January 2016 (the “First Moratorium Scheme”). In order to maintain stability of the Issuer and its subsidiaries while the Issuer negotiated a restructuring, the First Moratorium Scheme provides a moratorium on enforcement action by the holders of the Notes until 27 May 2016 (unless certain agreed scheme termination events occur (which they have not)).

Non-Binding Restructuring Heads of Terms

The Issuer is pleased to announce that a non-binding heads of terms (the “Non-Binding Restructuring Heads of Terms”)  for a restructuring of the Notes and certain pre-export finance facilities with four syndicates of lenders (the “PXF Facilities”) has been agreed between the Issuer, an ad hoc co-ordinating committee of holders of the Notes (the “Noteholder Committee”) and a coordinating committee of lenders under the PXF Facilities.

Metinvest agrees restructuring heads of terms.