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Metinvest wins gold in Innovation category at SAP Quality Awards 2018

4 July 2018

Metinvest Group is a gold winner of the 2018 SAP Quality Awards for the best innovative project in CEE.

SAP Quality Awards is an international competition to recognise the best projects. It has been organised by Germany-based SAP software manufacturer since 2010. Every year, over 200 companies nominate their SAP projects that compete in three categories: Fast Delivery, Business Transformation, and Innovation.

Every project is assessed against SAP 10 principles of quality to showcase the project effectiveness and quality of project management.

Taking part in the competition for the first time ever, Metinvest has nominated its Coal - Coke - Iron project. Our specialists have developed and introduced a process chain planning system: from coal supplies to coke and pig iron production. An innovative mathematical model helps calculate steel plants' needs in coal charge and reduce production costs, plan coke quality and regulate the pig iron output. With the initiative, Metinvest has cut coal charge costs and coke production cost, as well as boosted pig iron production, bringing annually over $20 million in the cost advantage.

As a winner of the 2018 Regional SAP Quality Awards, our Group can take part in a global competition for Europe, Middle East, and Africa to be held in Q1 2019.