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Central GOK launches production of premium pellets

9 October 2017

Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works (CGOK) of Metinvest Group finished the reconstruction of the pelletizing plant. The production facility is now capable of producing pellets to best international quality standards. Project investments have amounted to UAH 52 million.

Due to new equipment of leading world’s manufacturers, CGOK started the production of pellets with homogenous size and improved strength.

The reconstruction of the pelletizing plant went in several stages. In the fall last year, a mixer manufactured by German Eirich was put into operation. The unit is designed to prepare a quality blend. In 2017, the specialists modernized conveyors, installed a roller screen of Canada’s Métal 7 and weighing hoppers by Siemens. The use of state-of-the-art equipment helped increase the plant productivity by 7%.

Dmitriy Shevchik, the general director of Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works:

- To protect CGOK in a situation when iron ore prices are declining, we decided to develop the production of a completely new product that will be of demand in the world market. Due to concerted efforts of GOK’s process engineers, we have successfully completed the modernization of the pelletizing plant, which serves a platform for the long-term process development of Central GOK.  

Dmitriy Nikolayenko, Sales Director of Metinvest Group:

- The material Central GOK has begun to produce is a high-margin product, which is of demand among international steel companies. With this product, Metinvest Group plans to enter new iron ore markets in the Western Europe and Asia-Pacific region. This marks an important step forward in strengthening the company’s position as a leading producer.