Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


We strive to become an employer of choice and work toward building an effective HR management system aiming at implementation of the Group’s sustainable personnel development strategy. Metinvest employees are the basis for its success and the key resource assuring the Company’s competitive ability.

The key elements of Metinvest HR management system are:

  • Development of corporate culture
  • Personnel training and development
  • Improvement of motivation, compensation and benefit systems
  • Improvement of employee social protection system

We are developing the corporate culture based on mutual trust and respect and are building the internal professional climate that enables every employee to feel secure and realize his professional and creative potential. The Company provides equal opportunities to the employees based on their professional qualities irrespectively from their age, sex, nationality, religious beliefs and political views. Partnership, professionalism, open dialogue, feedback, team spirit and determination to achieve the common goal are the key elements of Metinvest Group corporate culture.

The Company actively invests in training and development of the personnel and provides ample opportunities for professional growth Group-wide. The personnel development system encompasses all categories of the employees – from workers and specialists to the Corporate Headquaters executives.

Decent remuneration is not only an important tool to attract highly qualified specialists and therefore attain improvement in operational effectiveness, but is also the key element of the social policy. Metinvest continuously monitors social and economic conditions in the country, in particular, inflation rate and labor market situation. Upon these observations the decision about wage indexation is made based on the Companies financial standing.

Metinvest Group cares for welfare and social security of its employees providing relevant benefits package. The Company’s social liabilities are fixed in collective labor agreements, which are annually signed between the labor collectives and the enterprises. The benefits package includes both mandatory (as required by the Law) and additional compensations paid by the enterprise.

A set of activities is carried out in the field of social support:

  • Financial assistance;
  • Health improvement for workers and their families;
  • Bonus payments dedicated to public holidays, anniversaries and memorable dates
  • Improvement of social and living conditions;
  • Employee training at the expense of the enterprises;
  • Additional benefits for young workers;
  • Company events.