Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


Stakeholders engagement

Building constructive relationships with key stakeholders is highly important for Metinvest.

At Metinvest, the main principle in engaging with stakeholders is information transparency. We are committed to maintaining an open dialogue, which minimizes the risks of potential conflicts and helps to allocate resources to address the most important problems in society.

International partner cooperation is assured through participation of the Company in various international associations and conferences. In particular, Metinvest is the first and the only Ukrainian Company that has joined the World Steel Association. In 2009 Metinvest became a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, and in 2010 Metinvest became a member of the European Business Association.

Effective employee involvement is assured through the developed internal communications system. The employees are informed on the Company operations via: corporate mass-media, internal web-portals, in-house radio and video channels, information stands, billboards, and etc. Feedback is assured through regular meetings of the enterprises top management (including CEOs) with the employees and trade unions; telephone helplines; opinion polls and focus-group discussions.

We are actively involved in implementation of the local and regional-level energy saving, environmental, social infrastructure and public health programs.

In 2010, the Company organized a reputation audit, an independent assessment of the awareness of key audiences about its activities. We received positive feedback about our business practices and advice about how to improve approaches to raising awareness about them. The audit results will be used to improve our communications strategy.