Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


Metinvest’s concept of Social Responsibility (SR) is based on integration of core elements of sustainable development — social, economic, environmental — into the business strategy and operations throughout the Company.

As a responsible corporate citizen we consider it necessary:

  • to take responsibility for all our actions, and to assess their potential impact on local communities before making final decisions;
  • to contribute voluntarily to the development of local communities;
  • to develop open and constructive dialog with our stakeholders;
  • to implement the principles of sustainable development into all aspects of our business.

Metinvest determines key focus areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity as follows:

  • Health and safety;
  • Environment;
  • Social support and development of employees;
  • Quality and efficiency improvement of the Company’s social investments (local communities development).

Metinvest shares SCM Group’s approach and  principles of sustainable development actions stipulated in SCM Sustainability Policy