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Occupational Health and Safety

Our primary objective is to develop a modern, positive culture of safe work aimed at increasing  responsibility of every manager for safety of his subordinates, as well as responsibility of every employee for his own safety and safety of surrounding people.

Within the frames of the HSE Strategy implementation, Metinvest has set the following goals:

  • Attain zero rates of injuries and accidents;
  • Assure safety of employees at work;
  • Prevent work — related diseases;
  • Build responsible attitude of the employees towards occupational and industrial safety.

The Company continuously improves the management system in the field of occupational health and safety, and implements new approaches based on the best local and international practices.

The procedure of rapid incident notification from Metinvest enterprises to the Company Headquaters was implemented in 2008 in order to improve emergency response capacity and assure timely decision-making.  

To build a uniform approach of Metinvest to collection and presentation of H&S statistics, the new format of data collection has been developed and put into practice. The format allows benchmarking the Company’s safety performance with other companies all over the world. In particular, LTIF indicator has been introduced.

Metinvest’s enterprises annually implement a set of measures, where, along with traditional safety briefing instructions and control measures, the following are employed:

  • Improvement of labor conditions;
  • Identification and elimination of industrial hazards;
  • Equipment upgrades;
  • Health and safety management systems improvement;
  • Health and safety trainings in partnership with the leading training institutions;
  • Provision of modern and high quality personal and mass protective equipment;
  • Raising employee awareness and safe work methods promotion;
  • Improvement of health care services for the employees;
  • Work with contractor organizations.