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Metinvest consistently integrates the environmental principles into strategic goals and objectives of the whole Group.


  • Voluntary broadening of the enterprises’ environmental commitments;
  • Environmental risks management;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Environmental impact prevention or mitigation;
  • Environmental impact assessment of the investment projects;
  • Efficient use of natural resources, raw materials and energy;
  • Open dialogue with the society on environmental topics.

Industrial nature of Metinvest Group operations is linked with significant environmental impact. We strive for minimizing such impact in order to achieve improvement of the environmental perfomance.

Annually the Group’s enterprises develop and implement environmental programs targeted at the reduction of existing and potential environmental impact. In addition to traditional environmental activities, the enterprises introduce new technologies allowing preventing pollution and waste recycling.

The Climate Change prevention projects take the special place among environmental activities of the Group. The Company conducts emissions inventory, implements Kyoto Protocol mechanisms, participates in international initiatives and global research projects.

10 Joint Implementation Projects are currently in progress at Metinvest under the Kyoto Protocol in the following areas:

  • Mine methane utilization;
  • Heat and power generation using secondary gases;
  • Energy saving activities.

Preliminary estimates demonstrate that the planned projects will enable Metinvest enterprises to reduce greenhouse gases emission by over 8 mln. t of CO2 equivalent before 2008-2012.
In 2010 Krasnodoncoal coal mining enterprise received EUR 598 thous. as proceeds from emission reduction units sale within the frames of the first phase of the mine methane utilization project implementation, which commenced back in 2006. The funds raised will be used to develop the degassing systems of the coal mining enterprises and improve industrial safety.

Energy saving programs are aimed at improving energy efficiency of the production processes.

The Group’s focuses on the following activities:

  • major overhauls and upgrades of the equipment;
  • replacement of inefficient equipment for new and less energy intensive;
  • introduction of energy saving technologies;
  • improvement technological processes;
  • associated gas utilization;
  • and organizational activities.

In addition, the Company’s enterprises participate in various regional, national and sectoral energy saving programs.