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Health, safety and environment

Among the core priorities of Metinvest’s development strategy are employees health and safety as well as careful attitude toward the environment.

We are aimed at not only compliance with the Law, but also at taking additional measures contributing to the risk mitigation in these areas. Therefore, systematic work toward the decrease of injuries and accidents as well as environmental impact prevention activities have been in progress since the Company’s foundation.

METINVEST POLICY on health, safety and environment

Metinvest unites enterprises of three mining and metallurgical industries: coal mining and coke production, iron ore and flux mining, and production of steel and metal products.

Metinvest is operating and building its strategy based on the principles of sustainability and socially responsible business development. The Company pays special attention to health, safety and environmental issues. In our everyday work, as well as in strategic planning process, these issues will always be a priority equal to other business aspects or even higher. The Company management consistently demonstrates importance of this sphere by setting higher and higher standards.

We affirm that no work can be deemed successful, if its performance involved harm caused to people. Therefore, we consider every incident as an opportunity to improve the management system. We perceive improved protection of people and environment as a continuous process, and we will do our best to improve safety, emphasizing modern risk assessment and preventive actions. Our intention is not only to assure compliance, but to take additional risk mitigation measures, as well.

We are ready to share our experience with other companies. We will actively monitor and, when needed, introduce the best world practices, upgrade our production and management systems in order to achieve the world-level performance and continuous improvement. We advocate open community involvement in the field of health, safety and environment, and we are always ready for a constructive dialogue.

We will deliver our objectives, while strictly complying with Metinvest Group HSE Principles.

METINVEST principles on health, safety and environment

      1. All injuries, accidents and environmental incidents are preventable. Therefore, forecasting, risk identification and prevention shall be emphasized.
      2. Managers play the leading role in HSE. Managers bear full responsibility for its efficiency.
      3. The manager shall establish clear safety standards and communicate them to every employee. Employees should be aware of their job risks, consequences of exposure to uncontrolled risks, and protection measures. The manager is responsible for training, knowledge and skills testing.
      4. Health, safety and environment are everybody’s business. Every employee shall comply with safety rules. Compliance is a mandatory condition of employment at Metinvest Group enterprises.
      5. Any employee has a right for safety at work. The manager is responsible to assure safety at work. Any employee has a right to refuse fulfilling a job assignment, if he or she thinks that there is a risk for his or her health and life. The employee shall inform the manager immediately, if he or she thinks that life and health or lives and health of other employees are at risk.
      6. Risks shall be identified and assessed, before the workers are allowed to perform a job assignment. Risk assessment and analysis shall result in risk mitigation activities.
      7. Analysis of every incident is, first of all, an opportunity to improve protection of people and environment. All incidents shall be registered, their root causes shall be identified and adequate measures shall be taken to prevent recurrence.
      8. Every employee shall timely inform his direct supervisor about incidents. Every case of deliberate concealment shall be considered as a gross violation.
      9. High level of preparedness for emergency situations shall be maintained. Every enterprise shall be equipped with equipment and action plans for cases of emergency. All employees shall read and understand the emergency action plans and undergo regular knowledge tests.
      10. Effective environmental monitoring is necessary along with prevention and continuous reduction of impact of every enterprise on the environment.
      11. Conservation and optimal utilization of raw materials and energy resources is to be sought in production process.
      12. Assessment of potential impact on safety of people and environment shall be performed in the process of planning of every enterprise operations and investment decisions making. Such assessment shall be performed regularly on all stages of the project.
      13. To reduce impact on health of the employees, it is necessary to improve working conditions continuously, and conduct regular medical screenings, and introduce more ergonomic work methods. Health promotion shall be emphasized.
      14. Effective community involvement is an integral part of business. Open dialogue is required and interests of population, non-commercial and non-governmental organizations, and local government authorities shall be respected, when making management decisions on ongoing operations and investments, as well as in strategic planning process.