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Corporate social programs

Metinvest's management, prior to the company’s fifth anniversary in 2011, approved a new Social Activities and Investments Strategy, which in addition to new modern management approaches, included a set of corporate social programs within priority areas . All of the Group's enterprises have the same corporate social programs in the areas where they operate. These programs are new and were developed based on the best practices of programs that have already made a significant social impact.

Development of Child & Youth Football – a program that promotes healthy lifestyles by providing opportunities for organized recreation. Today, football is the most popular sport for children and adults of all ages. This sport promotes healthy lifestyles, and forms leadership skills, team spirit, and a desire to win.

We Improve the City - a program aimed both at developing the activism of local residents and implementing the actual projects to change the social environment in regions where Metinvest operates.

A Healthy Environment is Everyone’s Business - a program to provide environmental education in terms of resource conservation, energy efficiency and climate change. It involves local residents in resolving cities’ ecological issues and promotes environmentally-friendly attitudes.

Corporate Volunteering - a program implemented by Metinvest in accordance with its corporate values to improve the quality of social investments and develop cooperation with local communities. The program is an integral tool for implementing and developing the Company's corporate culture.