Only the pre-qualified Suppliers shall be entitled to take part in the tender purchases of Metinvest Group.

The goal of suppliers' pre-qualification is to:

Suppliers shall be qualified for every category of materials/services that they intend to deliver.

A supplier's qualification for a category of materials/services  means it is qualified for that category to all of Metinvest Group.

A supplier's qualification is valid for no more than 3 years.

Starting in 2014, Metinvest Group enterprises initiated a supplier self-registration process before the qualification process for new potential suppliers.


Supplier self-registration – procedure wherein potential suppliers provide data themselves by filling in a registration form in the Metinvest Group's supplier database. The supplier's details will be stored in a profile that can be changed at the supplier's discretion when necessary

To register your Company as a potential supplier of inventory/provider of services for Metinvest Group enterprises, follow these steps:

(If your Company has a contractual relationship with any Metinvest Group enterprise, start with Step 2.)

Step 1: By yourself, with the help on the instruction, fill in the registration form in the SAP SLC system. To fill in the application, follow this link.

To review the instruction on filling in the form and creating an administrator account, please follow this link.

To fill in the registration form, you must specify the groups of materials or services that your Company will offer Metinvest Group enterprises. On the protection of personal data ( download).

A materials guide can be downloaded by following this link ( link to download the materials guide).

Step 2: After you receive the initial login and password by e-mail, please go to and create a user account by following the relevant instructions.

After creating a user account, please go to to login to the SLC system. It is required to upload documents to complete the registration of your Company as a potential supplier.

To review the list of documents required for registration, please follow this link.

Document format: PDF, PNG, or JPEG.