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Metinvest is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in CIS manufactures of iron ore raw materials. It is ranked among top ten world's iron ore raw materials producers and is the largest producer of coking coal in Ukraine.

Metinvest comprises iron ore enrichment works located in the Kryvyi Rih region of Ukraine: Northern GOK, Ingulets GOK and Central GOK; Komsomolske flux and mining company and two coking coal companies - Ukrainian Krasnodon Coal and United Coal Company located in the USA.

Due to its vertically integrated business model and abundant reserves Metinvest is 49% self-sufficient in high quality coking coal and more than twice - in iron ore raw materials.

Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works

Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works is one of the largest iron ore mining enterprises in Ukraine, specialized in the mining of iron ore and production of iron ore concentrate with Fe content from 63.7% to 67.2%.

Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works (InGOK) was established in 1965 and acquired by Metinvest in November 2007.
The enterprise was the first in Ukraine to start using advanced technologies for the floatation beneficiation of iron ore.  The raw material for concentrate production is ferruginous quartzite from the Ingulets deposit, which holds 2.3 bln tons of resources. The enterprise's annual production capacity is 15 mln. tons of concentrate.

Ore is mined in the quarry by open-cast mining. The initial crushing of ore and rock mass in the quarry is made by drill and a blast tunnelling method using TNT-free explosives. Iron ore is then transported to the beneficiation plant by a crushing and conveyor system. Trucks transport it within the quarry to haulage levels -60m, -180m and -240m to crushing and dumping stations where coarse crushing takes place. The ore is then transported by Zapadny and Vostochny underground conveyor tracks for reprocessing. To reduce the share of transportation costs in the ore mining production cost, the plant is currently working on extending the conveyor tracks.

InGOK is the only enterprise of Metinvest Group to operate a magnetic and flotation concentrate upgrading facility, which allows for increasing production volumes of high-quality products with Fe content of over 67%. InGOK's production capacity for flotation concentrate is 6.8 mln. tons per annum.

The main areas for the development of the enterprise are the extension of its quarry boundaries to increase the raw material base and increase in the integrated use of mineral resources at the deposit to prolong lifespan of the city's main employer. InGOK is reviewing different projects to support the production capacity of the quarry for magnetite quartzite mining at 38 mln. tons per annum. Maximization of the use of mineral resources will allow for prolonging the lifespan of the quarry until 2080.

Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works

Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works is one of the biggest mining enterprises in Europe, manufacturing iron ore concentrate (iron content: 65.2-65.6%) and pellets (iron content: 62.0% and 63.0%);

Production of iron ore raw material started at Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works (Northern GOK) in 1963; ore has been mined in the Pervomaysky quarry since 1961.

The manufacturing capacity of the enterprise allows for the production of 14.75 mln. tons of iron ore concentrate and 10.5 mln. tons of pellets. Large deposits of iron quartzite mined at the Pervomaysky and Annovsky quarries make up the raw material base of Northern GOK: their general industrial reserves according to JORC are 2,840 mln. tons of mineral resources.

After the start-up of crushing plant #3 in 2006, ore mining in the Pervomaysky quarry is done using crusher and conveyor system (CCS).  Implementation of the CCS allowed for reducing iron ore transportation costs for further processing, increasing the production capacity of the quarry and decreasing the human-caused impact on the environment. Construction of a crusher and conveyor system is currently underway at the Pervomaysky quarry. It is independent Ukraine's largest project in the mining sector.

Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works



Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works (CGOK) was established in 1961. Development of the Hleyevatsky ore deposit began in 1957; Petrovsky - in 1977 and Artyomovsky – in 1985. The Ordzhonikidze mine had supplied the enterprise with iron ore since 1985, and became part of the enterprise in 1999.

CGOK produces merchant iron ore concentrate with Fe content of 65.0% to 68.2% and pellets with basicity of 0.12 and average Fe content of 65.62%.

Central GOK sources iron ore from its three open pit quartzite fields – Hleyevatsky, Petrovsky and Artyomovsky, in addition to from the Ordzhonikidze mine, which in total have 2,689 million tons of mineral resources according to JORC, including 710 mln. tons of iron ore.

CGOK is a unique Ukrainian enterprise that has open pit and underground magnetite quartzite mines and further beneficiation of it.

In 2004, for the first time in Ukraine, Central GOK pioneered ore refuse tailing recycling technology and the use of it as a recoverable resource.  This technology allows for filtering up to 0.4 million cubic meters per year from sludge pits in order to produce iron concentrate from ore refuse. CGOK started producing 65% Fe iron ore concentrate from ore refuse in 2007. The same year, to increase the quality of sand products supplied to the plant, CGOK constructed and commissioned a beneficiation facility for mature sand.

Komsomolskoye mine administration

Komsomolskoye mine administration provides flux and limestone to metallurgical, chemical, food, construction industries and agriculture of Ukraine and CIS countries, over 100 enterprises in total.

Currently the mine administration encompasses three active quarries and to crushing and beneficiation factories. The minerals are mined in Severnyi, Yujnyi, Jegolevskii quarries. Fluxed limestone open pit mining is applied using excavators ЭКГ-5, ЭКГ-8 and ЭКГ-10. The mineral is transported using large dump trucks BelAZ with load capacity of 45 and 110 t. The raw materials are processed in crushing and beneficiation factories CBF-#1 and CBF -#2 using continuous-transfer technology.

Current capacity of the enterprise is 10-12 mln tpa of merchant limestone.

In  2009 based on the outcomes of the audit and assessment of the quality management system, the enterprise products were certified as compliant with  international standards DSTU ISO 9001 – 2001 (ISO 9001:200, IDT).

In 2011 Komsomolskoye mine administration became part of the Mining Division of Metinvest group.

Krasnodon Coal


Krasnodon Coal is the second largest coking coal producer in Ukraine.

Krasnodon Coal is a coking coal mining and coal preparation facility located in Krasnodon in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. It ships coking coal primarily to Avdiivka Coke and Azovstal Iron and Steel Works. Krasnodon Coal currently produces coking coal from its underground mines, which it then processes at its two on-site washing plants.

Krasnodon Coal started as a group of Sorokino coal mines having yielded the first 110 ktonnes of coking coal in 1914. In 1935 the trust “Sorokinocoal” was established. The trust united 25 coal mines. In 1936 the trust was renamed into “Krasnodon Coal”. In 1940 the company mined 2.44 Mtonnes of coking coal with the length of excavations reached 30 km. During its 93 years history (1914-2007) the company mined about 370 Mtonnes of coal.

United Coal Company


United Coal (UCC) is a producer of coking and steam coal located in the central Appalachian region of the United States. United Coal was founded in 2004 and acquired by Metinvest in April 2009.

UCC is ranked among the leading producers of metallurgical coal in the United States, ranking (by public company estimates) sixth among U.S. metallurgical coal producers.
UCC mines metallurgical and steam coal in the states of West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky. 

UCC’s proven and probable coal reserves, as defined by U.S. Securities Exchange Commission standards, as of December 31, 2009 totaled 151 million metric tonnes of high quality coking and steam coal, with most of these reserves representing premium grade coking coal. 

Production capacities of UCC’s four operating business units total approximately 9.2 Mtonnes per year.