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Metinvest-Shipping, LLC is the leading national freight carrier in Ukraine servicing cargos in the largest Ukrainian ports. Skif-Shipping also organizes railway transportation throughout the whole railway network of Ukraine and abroad.

The company has a multidivisional structure – branch offices in the cities of Mariupol, Sevastopol, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa. The Company employs people also in Berdyansk, Yuzhny, Ilyichevsk and Nikolayev.

The Company’s operations cover the whole range of cargo transportation services: from railway carriage to port operations: customs clearance, cargo expediting, freight quantity control, laboratory tests, ship's agency services, chartering of seaborne vessels.

During its history Skif-Shipping has expedited over 53 Mtonnes of cargo, rendered ship's agency service to over 4,000 vessels, and around 79 Mtonnes of freight has been transported by railways.

Metinvest-Shipping owns over 1,600 wagons, a port crane and forklifts.

Metinvest-Shipping is the only company which has joint operations with Mariupol Merchant Sea Port State Enterprise. This is achieved through operation of the transshipment crane and forklifts on the tenth berth of the port. Joint operations enable direct involvement into the freight transshipment in the port.

To-date all structural subdivisions of Metinvest-Shipping have passed the compliance audits for ISO 9001 -2009 standard the requirements of the technical specifications «Provision of cargo transportation services by railways ».

In 2006 Metinvest-Shipping became a part of Metinvest Group.