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Metinvest Group's Code of Ethics sets the standards and framework for ethical business conduct for the Group's employees to follow in their everyday activities. These norms and standards are based on our values.  We encourage our business partners and contractors to respect provisions and standards of the Metinvest Group Code of ethics or follow the standards of their own codes of ethics and business conduct in their activities that correspond to the provisions set out in our Code of Ethics to the fullest extent.    

Read the Code of Ethics (PDF, 2mb)


A key aspect of the Metinvest Group's transparency and responsibility is an effective tool to report about breaches of the law and non-compliance with the provisions and standards set forth in the Code of Ethics.

We support the right of every employee or other interested parties to report misconduct. To this end, we set up a Trust Line as a direct channel for feedback, providing additional guarantees of the Metinvest Group's commitment to the highest ethical standards.

If you want, you can leave a message and remain anonymous. Anonymous messages received to and registered with the Trust Line are processed like other messages provided that there is sufficient information.

Metinvest Group does not tolerate any retaliation against employees for reporting about the possible or actual violations of the law, provisions of the Code of Ethics, other policies and procedures of the Metinvest Group. Employees who believe they have experienced retaliation should report this via the Trust Line. However, action will be taken against employees who provide knowingly false information as provided by applicable laws.

The Trust Line is not meant for consultations on goods and services manufactured or provided by the Metinvest Group, handling of customers' complaints and notes, provision of psychological support in stressful personal situations, or provision of information and reference services.

Trust Line contacts 


0 800 600 777 (all calls are toll-free within the borders of Ukraine)

+380-44-224-72-32 (calls are charged according to the tariffs of your operator)

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