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Metinvest Group is a vertically integrated group of steel and mining companies that manages every link of the value chain, from mining and processing iron ore and coal to making and selling semi-finished and finished steel products. It has steel and mining production facilities in Ukraine, EU and the US, as well as a sales network covering all key global markets.

By a number of indicators, Metinvest is the largest private company of Ukraine, and it occupies the 13th place among the largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe - Deloitte TOP-500 by results of 2015.

Metinvest is the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest CIS producers of iron ore raw materials and steel. Metinvest is in the top 50 largest steel companies in the world according to the World Steel Association. Metinvest's crude steel production capacity is 15 Mtonnes per year.

Key data, 2017

Revenue 8,931 mln USD
EBITDA 2,044  mln USD
EBIDTA Margin  23%
Crude stee 7,6 MT
Finished products 5,8 MT
Iron ore concentrate 27,4 MT
Coking coal concentrate 2,6 MT

Our strong competitive position is based
on a number of sustainable competitive advantages, including:

  • Vertically integrated business model, allowing to run the business effectively and efficiently, providing the flexibility of response to changing world market situation.
  • Self-sufficiency in coking coal – 49%.
  • Self-sufficiency in metallurgical coke – 97%.
  • Self-sufficiency in iron ore raw materials – 343%.Significant long-life and low-cost reserves of iron ore.
  • Secure and diversified sources of supply of high quality coking coal.
  • Large pool of skilled technical personnel.
  • Favorable geographic location including proximity to key resources and strategic markets.

Metinvest produces a diversified range of products at competitive prices including iron ore materials, coke and coal products, semi-finished and finished steel products, including rolled products and pipes. The Company exports a substantial portion of its steel products to more than 100 countries through its developed international sales network.

Being based in Ukraine enables Metinvest to maintain a relatively low cost base compared to many of its global competitors. Metinvest’s production facilities are conveniently located to take the advantage of relatively low cost sea and rail transportation. This allows for the inexpensive shipment of its products to both domestic and European markets as well as the fast-developing markets of the Middle East, South East Asia, the CIS and China.

Metinvest Holding, LLC (the managing company of Metinvest Group) was founded in 2006. Metinvest Holding, LLC provides integrated management of the enterprises in coal, iron ore mining, coking and chemical, iron and steel making and pipe production segments.

Metinvest Group's major shareholders are SCM Group and Smart Holding  participating in management of Metinvest on a partnership basis.

Metinvest B.V. is the holding company of Metinvest Group (The Netherlands, registration number 24321697), with offices at: Alexanderstraat 23, 2514JM‘s-Gravenhage, the Netherlands.